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Saturday, 28 January 2012

post di fbku berubah


  hmm do you feel boring online fb?to me,seriously i am bored to online fb.But for sure everyday you want to open your fb account rite?I don't know why maybe i was addicted eventhough i said that i am bored.I just open my fb account around March 2010 after early term test.

  So,now i just post something that give benefits to my friends and me.For example about motivation,
love and mostly now i am more to islamic views.I am not so pious but i am trying to be a good Muslimah by make rewards for my next Hereafter.

   And suddenly i thought why must i post something that are ridiculous,nonsene n etc.In instance,
show my sadness,weekness,enragement n etc.Suddenly, i read someone post like this:-why should we tell your friends about your problem by writing in the wall?and you should know that by talking to the wall was Yahudi behaviour.So,we should tell our problems to Allah through DOA.Am i Right?Do correct me if i'm wrong.

    As a conclusion,try to be the best among the best.increase your good deeds day by day because it can helps us in future.Please dont look down on me.I am just trying to be a good Muslimah,and i know that there are more i must learn.But i always remember this saying "one step forward are better rather than satying in the same condition".And do guide me if i am wrong.I am not perfect.That is the fact that everybody should know.,Chow...

p/s:sorry terENGLISHan disini.Terpengaruh sangat la dalam kelas kan dok speaking x sudaa.Tapi saya x pandai sangat.Grammar pon cam hampeh je kan.Saja je nak try plus mood nak write in English tu mai.Tapi rasanya i just use simple english words rite?smile always...

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