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Friday, 30 August 2013

30th August a day to remember

Assalamualaikum dan salam Jumaat.

Today in past 2 years ago which is on 30th August 2011 and its falled on 1st Hari Raya Aidilfitri, my opah was died at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh. I will remembered the flow as the date was very special. Yeah because its on first Hari Raya which is supposedly we celebrated Eid Mubarak, rite? And the other day we celebrate our Independent Day but we are sent our opah to her place that full of peace. Insha Allah.

In that year, our rotation system to celebrate Raya at Terengganu. As usual on second day of Hari Raya, we are going back to Ipoh. But, in that year, it won't happened as usual. It is an extraordinary year for us. Before we are going to perform our Solat Hari Raya, my mom made a phone call to her sister. And it was a shocked when my aunty said that opah was admitted at HRPB this morning. This is due to her condition became worse. When my aunty called opah, she doesn't  respond and my aunt said that yesterday nite my opah keep said; 

'Mak dah tak nampak. Gelap je.' Masa ni mata opah pandang atas je.

'Nanti A' bukak lampu ye'

When the light was opened, my opah still can't saw clearly. Supposedly at that time, we should know the 'hint' that he/she are going to leave us soon. But, we doesn't have any experience through it. Then, my aunt and uncle call a midwife-Opah Biah to checked my opah and luckily her son-in-law was a doctor <ke bawah sket pangkatnya,but idk what to called him.hehe.> So, both of them came at our house and there are two theories. Well, it's normallah when a traditional-minded vs modern-minded. Opah Biah said, this is the time for my opah to leave us, so just let her rest at home until malaikat came. But, her son-in-law said that we should brought opah to hospital. Then, my aunt and uncle were decided to call ambulance in the beautiful morning. While everyone out there were celebrating their hari raya at masjid/surau, we are in mixed up feeling. 

On the other state, my family and I were packed all the stuffs <not really, we're just campak barang masuk kereta je>. And Alhamdulillah our journey from Terengganu to Ipoh are going smoothly. And we finally reached at HRPB around 5pm. We kissed opah forehead and to be frank i don't think that was our last time to meet her. Because it's normal for us for being check in and out from Hospital either private or government hospital. Then, we are going back to home. My mama siblings that are seven of them leave there to take care of her including my mama.

After Maghrib, we received a call from my uncle said that 'my opah is no longer alive.' I don't know how to react, i just keep quiet and my tears are described me at that time. My atok was so cool but i know that he was crying in his room. And i'm as the eldest grandchildren ask all my cousins to gathered and recite Yassin just to calm us and sedekahkan to arwah opah. That's all I can do. We recite Yasiin together and we cry along it. And i can't bear my tears when I saw my brother cried. It's hurt when i saw that as guys are very hard to cry. And on that day and the other day, i saw my uncle cried.

I asked my brother, why he crying <sampai bengkak2 mata> and he said that on the hospital, my opah looked on him with eye-to-eye contact and he will always remembered that moment. Through out our recitation, banyak kali dia dan kami tersekat-sekat untuk tahan sebak. I'm reminding them that if we cry, we are actually make opah suffer. Tapi, aku sendiri tak boleh kawal diri dari untuk tidak menangis.

Fuhhh penat jugak nak buat essay ni. Dah berkurun tak buat kan? Ok, aku campurlah pulak. Saja nak mengada test power. Hehe.

Pastu kitorang kemas rumah, angkat sofa dan meja makan letak kat tempat parking/koridor depan. Bentang tikar dan karpet, letak tilam menghadap kiblat. Ya Allah masih terbayang lagi. Malam tu kitorang anak-menantu-cucu mengaji habiskan satu alQuran=30 juzuk. Alhamdulillah habis, aku tak tahu ini adat atau tuntutan agama sebab kami buat as arwah opah dulu panggil geng marhabannya mengaji 30 juzuk masa arwah onyang=ayah opah meninggal dulu. 

Malam tu semua sepupu aku pakat takut nak tidur dekat jenazah. Puih, ini semua pengaruh cerita hantu. Padahal tu opah yang masak,jaga kamu selama ni. Lempang lelaju baru tahu ye. 

to be continue...

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