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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Reasons for missing


First of all, I wanna say that Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive. I'm sorry for not updating my blog. Like uolls care, rite? Haha. 

Q:So, what I'm doing for not updating my blog?

A: Actually i'm VERY BUSY with my business. Hahaha. Nope i'm busy with IPM Project. Seriously i told you if all such things can make money, i'm sure that i'll be millionaire. Hahaha. Could you imagine, my nottifications for whatsapp and facebook always ringing even at 2-3 am. Hmm, so busy huh? Oh ya, I forgot to told ya what is IPM? It is actually Institut Pemikir Mahasiswa UiTM Pulau Pinang. It is a third branch after Dungun and Shah Alam. This institute was established to teach or train student to be a leader. As nowadays, we are lack of young leader.

To be honest, I'm a normal person. I've nothing special to contribute but one thing for sure I'm joined this because I want to learn how to manage club in order for me to practical the theory for my future working experience. Please don't expect me too high because i'm afraid i will let you down. 

My position is Ketua Jabatan Skolastik dan Jaringan Industri. Wow, the name is really wow, huh? It is actually Treasurer. Haha, sometimes i'm laughing at myself because me and treasurer cant be separate. Lalala. But again, i'm knew nothing unless collect money. But it was actually a very small job specifications of Treasurer. Other than that, you have to think how to get profit with minimum loss and risk, deal with people especially those business people who have different character which are very very hmmmm, make an agreement with businessman blablabla, ahh i'm tired of it.

It is a BIG LYING if you said that when you participate in club or organizations, you dont felt stress, tired, dont have enough time to study, do assignments, hangout with friends, decreasing of family-oriented as it my family habit, haha, we called each other everyday to update what had happenened today. Hehe, thats what family line number for. I know that and I can feel that. Sorry friends, sorry mama, ayah, angah and adik. I'm trying to manage it. But how i want to manage it if I had lost my weekends for events and my nights for meeting. 

But on top of that, I'm trying to think positive that all my effort today will be meant to me in future. If I cant bear the small stress like now, then how I can overcome and solve problem in work place. Fuhh a deep motivation from my Kak Yong when i feel so down when i'm tired or failed to do something. And also a big thanks for my parents, all my housemates and my siblings for understanding my situations, giving me motivation and support me everytime when I need you and lend me your ears to hear my babbling session. I'm really appreciate it. Love uolls.

Other than my busyness with clubs class responsibilities, i also have problem with Internet. After I'm terminate P14G Broadband, i'm not using any broadband rite now. Maybe next sem, er its not maybe but MUST HAVE item. 

So, i think it is enough for my babbling sessions in my blog and actually to release my stress, my miss overload to my blog and etc. Please pray for all the best for me. If i'm in a very trouble situations, i CAN overcome and solve the problem. Amiin. Actually i joined so much of activities this sem but there is a barrier for me to post it in blog version. I'm enjoying this sem very much as the word said by my sifu. 'When you do it with passion, you will enjoy it and you didnot feel so struggle to do it'. Yeah thanx sifu AJIE.

Lastly, please pray for my Mama. I need her and love her for the whole of my life. Ya Allah, sembuhkanlah dan panjangkanlah umur mama dan ayah aku agar aku dan adik-beradikku dapat membalas jasa mereka. Amiin.

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  1. thanx coz mention my name...u can do it.....


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